Intact Digital protects your digital assets from software obsolescence

We take care of software installations and keep your digital data and knowledge intact
We enable digital continuity and risk-free digital transformation of your business

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With rapid technology innovation, software obsolescence inevitably affects the use and integrity of data over time. Digital data becomes inaccessible and unusable since software becomes outdated, unsupported, and non-secure.

Intact Digital provides unique IT services:

Fully managed hosting of legacy software in protected computing environments.
Long-term maintenance of software installations to keep them secure and usable for as long as needed.
Full transparency and confidentiality of computing environments and protection of outputs.

Software is critical for using digital data.

Our customers

We serve organizations that require long-term use of software to secure reliable access and analyses of legacy data for the purpose of innovation and regulatory compliance. We provide

Software obsolescence is inevitable due to continuous innovation and retirement of previous software versions. Our customers benefit from our consulting services for

Our platform and services have been adopted in the pharmaceutical sector for use in GxP regulatory settings.

Our platform ensures that software installations remain functional and usable for as long as they are needed.

Software is critical for using digital data.

Our platform

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Intact Digital Platform

Software is hosted in specifically designed Software Operational Environments (SOEs) to fit the needs of organizations within industry-specific regulatory frameworks.

For enterprises, all the needed software is hosted and maintained within INTACT Software Library tailored for your organizational needs and hosted in data centres carefully pre-qualified and selected by Intact Digital.

Your Software Library includes all the software technologies that you need to use legacy data, reproduce data analyses and remain compliant with regulations and standards.

We work with you every step of the way as you acquire new technologies and decommission old systems that are still essential for your business.

Book a demo

Join us for a demo session of INTACT Software Library. Our technical expert will walk you through our platform and discuss best practices in managing legacy software. Demo sessions typically last 20 - 30 minutes.

Join our pilot program

Our Legacy Software Care pilot program is for those who seek a principled, risk-based approach to managing legacy software to ensure digital data integrity and regulatory compliance.

Our partners

We complement the existing content management and archiving solutions across sectors by providing validated and fully managed installations of software required to use the stored digital files and records.

Our partners include:

"Intact Digital efficiently addresses the pharmaceutical industry's need for long-term, reliable use of legacy scientific software systems. Our partnership will help ensure scientific data remains accessible and readable, facilitating knowledge transfer and compliance with regulatory requirements."

Alan Millar, Vice President, Tetra Partner Network

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Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about Intact Digital Platform or any other aspect of our services.
We also offer free initial consultations with an INTACT Software Library demo and provide free trial accounts on request.