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Demo will preview the three main components of INTACT Software Library:
Screenshot of INTACT Software Library Management Portal
INTACT Software Library Management
  • Organizational & Account Management
  • User Account Management
  • Software Registration Records
  • Service Reports
  • Usage Reports.
Screenshot of Software Library Portal
INTACT Software Library Portal
  • Validated software installations, accessible through virtual desktops
  • Transfer Desktop for transferring data
  • Software installation console
  • Software Validation Desktop for testing and test documentation
  • Digital Vault Desktop with read-only access to the Digital Vault content.
Screenshot of Digital Vault
Digital Vault
  • Deep storage of software files and vendor documentation
  • Storage of software installation images, test data and test scripts
  • Integrity checks of stored files and documentation
  • Digital Vault is not directly accessible to end users. A read-only version can be viewed through the Digital Vault Desktop.